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- Treasurer 



C. B. Castner 
Abe C. Levi 
Henry Levy 
T. B. Duncan 

C. A. Wellendorff 
Geo. E. Roche 
Leop. Levy 
I. F. Starks 
Henry Besten 

Cbairmen of Committees 


Commercial Co-operative 

State Organization - 

State Improvement 



Special Assessment - 

Street - 


Grievance - 

Finance - - 


Discount - 


Itinerant Merchants 

Fred. W. Keisker 

Ben Straus 

Ed. Perry 

T. B. Duncan, Jr. 

Henry Besten 

H. J, Streng 

Henry Levy 

- Geo. E. Roche 

C. B. Castner 

Thos. B. Morton 

Leopold Levy 

C. A. Wellendorff 

Lee Lewis 

C. A. Taylor 

Abe C. Levi 


' " V l> 

flDembers IRetail flDercbants' association 

Louis Appel Men's Furnishings and Hats 442 W. Market and 507 Fourth. 

The Aronson Co Cloaks, Suits and Furs 354 Fourth. 

J. Bacon & Sons Department Store 332 W. Market. 

The Baldwin Company _Pianos 529 Fourth. 

Aug. R. Baumer Florist Masonic Temple Bldg. 

Besten & Langen Ladies' Garment Specialists — 538 Fourth. 

The Big Store Clothing, Hats and Furnishings 424 W. Market. 

Boston Shoe Co Footwear 534 and 553 Fourth. 

Buschmeyer Bros Druggists Fourth and Green. 

Byck Bros & Co Footwear , 338 Fourth. 

Crutcher & Starks Clothing, Furnishing, Hats and Shoes-Fourth and Jefferson. 

J. Dolfinger & Co China and House Furnishings 584 Fourth. 

T. B. Duncan & Sons___ Wall Paper —517 Third. 

Eclipse Coal Co Coal ____ Lincoln Bldg. 

Geo. G. Fetter Co Printers— Office Supplies 424 W. Main. 

Globe Furniture Co Furniture — .619 W. Market. 

The Golden Rule Store Department Store — 335 Fourth. 

James Greene Furniture and Carpets 425 E. Market. 

H. J. Gutman & Co Cloaks, Suits, Furs : 521 Fourth. 

Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co Furniture and Carpets 436 W. Market. 

Hays Cloak and Suit Co Ladies' Outer Garments Fourth and Jefferson. 

J. S. Hilton Umbrellas, Gloves, etc 413 Fourth. 

Hubbuch Bros Carpets and Rugs 524 W. Market. 

L. Huber & Son Jewelers 356 W. Jefferson. 

Husch Bros Cloaks, Suits, etc 324 Fourth. 

Matt Irion Jeweler 404 W. Market. 

Jones & Miller Co I Hardware, etc 316 W. Market. 

Kaufman-Straus Co Department Store 543 Fourth. 

Fred W. Keisker & Son Furniture 586 Fourth. 

Wm. Kendrick's Sons Jewelers ' 336 Fourth. 

J. C. Kirchdorfer Stoves, Hardware, etc* Baxter and Christy Ave. 

flDembers IRetail flDercbants' Eesociation 

Jas. K. Lemon & Son Jewelers ___ 511 Fourth. 

Levy Bros Clothing, Furnishings, Hats .& Shoes_Third and Market. 

Jno. C. Lewis Co Department Store 558 Fourth. 

T. N. Lindsey Art Goods _ 556 Fourth. 

Loevenhart & Co ..Clothing, Hats and Furnishings Third and Market. 

W. H. Matlack Plumber ... 552 Fourth. 

McGinn & Honaker Shoes — 638 Fourth. 

W. H. McKnight Sons Co Carpets and Furniture Fourth and Walnut. 

Montenegro-Riehm Music Co Pianos, etc _^_ — 628 Fourth. 

Nanz & Neuner.. -Florists 656 Fourth. 

Norman & Taylor Carpets and Draperies . 520 Fourth. 

Office Supply Co.. Printers and Office Supplies 438 W. Main. 

Raab & Bohmer Coal 223 W. Market. 

E. G. Reimers Florist 1516 Baxter Ave. 

Roche & Roche Men's Furnishings Paul Jones Bldg. 

Rohrman Ice Co. Ice 

Rodgers & Krull .Jewelers Fourth and Green. 

Schoppenharst Dry Cleaning Co . 1026 W. Grayson. 

Schupp & Schmidt Mfg. Co Furniture 421 W. Market. 

Shapinsky & Rothstein Dry Goods, Cloaks and Suits 310 W. Market. 

Southern Optical Co Optical Goods Fourth and Chestnut. 

Starr-Swartz Co Ladies' Ready-to-wear, Millinery 523 Fourth. 

Sterns Dry Goods & Ladies' Outer Garments 348 Fourth. 

Stewart Dry Goods Co Department Store Fourth and Walnut. 

Herman Straus & Sons Co Department Store 414 W. Market. 

Volz & Michael... Shoes 342 W. Market. 

J. Winter, Jr. & Co Merchant Tailors 228- Fourth. 

Geo. Wolf & Co. — Tewelers 528 Fourth. 

Wm. Wolf - Milliner 708 Fourth. 

Zapp & Short Co ____Fancy Groceries 324 W. Market. 

XLhc IRetail Merchants' association 


HIS ORGANIZATION is composed of sixty of the leading retail establishments 
YV of Louisville. It is the most important commercial body in the Southwest. One 
of its main objects is to impress the out-of-town consumer with the importance 
of Louisville as a shopping center. To this end it offers extraordinary induce- 
• ments by rebating raiiioad fares at stated intervals during the year. This plan 
is heartily commended by more than twenty thousand visitors who have taken advan- 
tage of this offer during the past three years. Detailed information will be gladly 
furnished by the manager, Mr. o T . V. Beckman, upon request. 

A glance at the foregoing pages will show that the most prominent stores are mem- 
bers and will stiow triat eveiy branch of trade is fully represented. All the old estab- 
lished stores as well as the younger concerns are cooperating in this effort. Louisville 
today is not only one of the prettiest cities in the country but it has the finest stores. 
The shopping district of Louisville is condensed; the stores are grouped in a compara- 
tively small area. Competition is very strong, thus, values are kept up and prices 
always the lowest. Better assortments and more reliable merchandise cannot be found 
in America. The R. M. A. is worthy of your fullest confidence. It's members invite 
you to take advantage of this rebating offer and visit the Kentucky metropolis frequently. 

ftbe Seelbacb 




Xoufevtlle's /lftiliion=2)oilar IHotel 


Golf Links, Louisville. Ky. 

Court House, Louisville, Ky. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. . 


■ 2 ^ 

J4 ss 

City Hall, Louisville, Ky 

Confederate Monument, Louisville, Ky.